Beal Access 10.5MM Unicore Rope

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The standard in access ropes for most delicate operations.

BEAL Access with UniCore brings a new level of security to your work or rescue operations. UniCore process bonds the sheath and core without affecting the ropes suppleness or handling. Sheath slippage is virtually eliminated. UniCore brings an undeniable gain in security during delicate and dangerous operations. It allows the user to escape if the sheath has been cut.

Name Access 10.5mm
Range Rope Access / Rescue
Type A Yes
Standard EN 1891
Type A
Certification CE
Breaking load 30 kN
Strength with Figure-of-8 knot 18 kN
Strength with sewn terminations 24 kN
Number of fall factor 1 12
Impact force factor 0.3 5.3 kN
Extension 50/150 kg 3 %
Weight per metre 65 g
% of the sheath 38 %
Mass of the core 62 %
Material Polyamide

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