CoastLine Cordage Group Bulwark Safety X Ropes 600' spool

CoastLine Cordage Group Bulwark Safety X Ropes 600' spool

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The HTP Static Rope version shows an increase in over all tensile strength less with the ultimate low elongation at 0.9% at 300lbs. Designed elements were conducted with level three rope access technicians and fire fighting training schools in Atlantic Canada. Constructed with 100% 9.2 grams per denier high tenacity polyester. Ideal rope for use in search and rescue, fast ascending, job sites that are exposed to chemicals, oils, and high moisture elements. Exceptional durability, resistance to wear-and-tear, and as little bounce as possible.

11mm NFPA-1983-2017 Technical Use Approved

12.5mm NFPA 1983-2017 General Use Approved


SIZE Weight (lb/100’) MBS Rating (LBS) Elongation at 300 lbs %
9.5 mm 6.4 6,098 1.5
11mm 6.5 6,693 1.3
12.5mm 7.9 9,862  1.2

The Semi-Static rope version consists of a smooth, soft, and supple yet overall high performing rope. Manufactured with a twisted soft parallel nylon core and a 32-carrier high tenacity polyester sheath. This rope is ideal for abseiling, industrial access and used as a repelling rope in for caving, mountaineering, heavy hauling, and rescues. Overall a smoother rope with a well balanced, low rotation and with a user-friendly grip allows for a comfortable and reliable accent.

9.5mm NFPA 1983-2017 Technical Use Approved

11mm NFPA 1983-2017 Technical Use Approved

SIZE Weight (lb/100’) MBS Rating (LBS) Elongation at 300 lbs %
9.5 mm 4.5
11mm 5.8

This Hi-Viz Static is a low stretch kernmantle ropes designed for rope access, work positioning, caving, and abseiling at night or in dark or confined working conditions where visibility of the line is important. Hi-Viz Static have the same specification and outstanding dynamic properties similar to Bulwark Safety X other static ropes. Compatible with all relevant diameter rope management, climbing and descending devices, designed with tested with a variety of fire departments in Atlantic Canada. One strand of 3M reflective tape is a enhanced safety feature along the full length of the rope.

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