YATES ANSI FR Lanyard only no asap

YATES ANSI FR Lanyard only no asap

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YATES ANSI FR Lanyard w/ PETZL ASAP Lock® is easiest back-up system on the marked to use for vertical life line applications. Complaint with the new ANSI Z359.15-2014 Standard. This self-trailing function is important for transmision tower work climbing techniques especially while down climbing a tower. Yates has manufactured a 40 cm lanyard specifically designed for the PETZL ASAP Lock® that meets the new ANSI Z359.15-2014 Standard. The YATES Lanyard was specifically designed for the Petzl ASAP Lock and to be compliant with Arc Flash requirements of ASTM F887. User Weight limits per ANSI

This new ANSI Complient YATES Lanyard for PETZL ASAP Lock® is constructed from 1" Kevlar webbing. The Shock Pack on the lanyard is designed to limit a FF2 fall(46") to an average activation force of under 900 lbf. PBI®/NOMEX® Covering over shock pack keeps shock absorbing tear tape from exposure to excessive heat in Ark Flash situations. YATES Lanyard for PETZL ASAP also meets the requirements of a lanyard designed to be used on Welding, Grinding and Cutting operations at height.

YATES Lanyard and PETZL ASAP Lock® combination is specifically designed to be compatable with BlueWater 12mm ArmorTech® rope with a Teflon® Coating. The new Teflon® Coating not only makes hte rope less absorbant of water, it also allows the rope to resist attachment of dirt and dust making is less conductive. The New 12mm Armortech Dry Rope is certified under the ANSI Z359.15-2014 standard be be under 10% stretch at 1,800 lbf. The rope is marked ANSI Z359.15-2014 complient

Certified by UL to be complaint with the new ANSI Z359.15-2014 Standard for Vertical Lifelines and OSHA requirements in North America.

YATES ASAP Lanyard can be ordered seperatly with out ASAP Lock. SKU: ASAPLANYARD. Price $207.00


ANSI Z359.11-2014 Sternal Attachment

.2.2 Sternal.

The sternal attachment may be located as shown in Figure 4, and used as an alternative fall arrest attachment in applications where the dorsal attachment is determined to be inappropriate by a competent person and where there is no chance to fall in a direction other than feet first.

E3.2.2 See Figure 2(a) & 4. The sternal attachment element should be used only when the likely fall distance is not greater than 2 ft. When loaded at the sternal attachment to arrest a fall, the design of the FBH (full body harness) shall direct load through the shoulder straps supporting the user and around the thighs.

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