Eyolf Fossil Cowstail

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Colours: Eyolf Blue and Black

Standard lengths: 50 cm – 60 cm – 90 cm

Standards Compliance: CE certified to EN 354: 2010

MBS: 22.2kN (5000lbs)

Material: 100% polyamide high tenacity

Diameter: 11 mm

Weight: 73 g/m

Sheath percentage: 38,4 %

Number of strands: 32

Dynamic elongation: 33,1 %

Static elongation: 6,5 %

Developed and tested by individuals who have extensive experience working at height, the Fossil Cowstail will become your new favourite lanyard.

We understand what you’re looking for in a product and try to make it as versatile, comfortable, and durable as possible. This is the lanyard you will brag about to your colleagues.

Tested through a variety of harsh conditions, and specially developed for rope access work over a period of 15 years. We trust the Fossil Cowstail lanyard will suit your needs – and so do those that are already using it.

Made using a dynamic kernmantle rope in which 30% reinforced sheath is made to ensure long lifespan, and a programmed, automated stitched end-termination (Wolf’s Bight), the Fossil Cowstail is exceptionally strong and durable. Nobody makes lanyards like we do.

Furthermore, the Fossil Cowstail comes in a variety of lengths and colours with options to add our tower hook to accommodate your work positioning needs. Yep, we thought of that.

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