KONG ZAZA2 JAWS 1 - for ZAZA 2 plates

KONG ZAZA2 JAWS 1 - for ZAZA 2 plates

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Wire clamp for plates PLS3, VIA, DELTA, ZIP5, PLM, DOUBLE DELTA, PC.
Ergonomic shape for better fluidity. 
It doesn’t damage the cable. 
Easy installation for maximum safety. 
It permits removal of the dead end of the rope. 
Solid design for maximum robustness during use.
The wire clamp is supplied with 40mm screws.

COUDOU PRO, the revolution of continuous lifelines for adventure parks!

The principle of operation is very simple: the hook's opening is smaller than the diameter of the cable, but greater than the thickness of the plates. In this way, safety is guaranteed. Once you enter the lifeline, it is impossible to accidentally disconnect before the end of the course. Only by a special key supplied to the manager of the park, it is possible to unlock the sleeve and then make ultra-rapid evacuations in case of illness, storm, fire, etc...

Thanks to the various components, it is possible to secure all steps and the various games of your park, such as rope jumps, with the new ZAZA 2 Connect. Coudou Pro system will allow you to save on surveillance staff costs and ensure better security for your customers.