Sterling Helix 9.5mm x 70m Dry-Core Rope

Sterling Helix 9.5mm x 70m Dry-Core Rope

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  •  Helix blends the right features—the ease of a 9.5mm-diameter rope with low impact force for a soft catch when you fall
  •  Core treatment protects against water and dirt, increasing the durability of the rope
  •  Kernmantle design features a stretchy core protected by a durable outer sheath which combine for strength and good handling
  •  Evolution Helix 9.5mm x 70m Dry-Core Climbing Rope meets UIAA tests for falls, impact force and elongation
  •  Sheath percentage: 41%

Made in USA.


Technical Specs
Best Use


Rope Type

Single Rope

Rope Style


Rope Length (m)

70 meters

Rope Diameter (mm)

9.5 millimeters

Impact Force

8.9 kilonewtons

Dynamic Elongation

31.9 percent

Static Elongation

7.2 percent

UIAA Falls


Dry Treatment

Dry Core


59 grams per meter

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