Hydrajaws Annual Gauge - Calibration



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Providing calibration, servicing and repairs at our own Pac Ropes Facility! 

Please note that the turnaround time usually takes up to 4 weeks as sometime we need to send the gauge back to our UK partner. 

From the date of purchase, your gauge is calibrated for a one-year period. After this period we offer a recalibration service that certifies appropriate gauges for a further one-year period. Hydrajaws uses UKAS-tested master gauges to carry out our calibration service. This ensures the traceability of the calibrated gauges we service and supply.

PLEASE NOTE If your tester has a fixed gauge the whole unit will need to be sent to us for calibration. If your gauge is detachable, (i.e. fitted with a coupler) only the gauge needs to be sent to us for calibration.


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