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Do you need certification to become qualified to manage your work at height PPE inventory? In this 3 day course, become a Petzl PPE Competent Person! Learn how to examine and create a management system for work at height PPE using the Petzl protocol.

What you will learn

This course is perfect for professionals working at height (tower climbers, rope access techs, rescue teams, arborists, etc.), recreational users participating in vertical sports (i.e. climbers, cavers, canyoneers, etc.), persons and/or positions tasked with the responsibility of PPE examination (i.e. self-employed workers, health and safety managers, instructors, supervisors, team leaders and trainers.), companies/organizations performing third-party PPE examination services, Petzl Technical Partners or Petzl Information Partners. The course structure is comprised of a theory component and examination and a visual demonstration of items being put through drop tests!

These skills help encompass a safer way to work at height that meets regulation.

Topics include:

  • Risk assessment and associated decision making.
  • Potential hazards associated with the use of PPE for protection against falls from height.
  • Legislation and current requirements regarding the management of PPE.
  • Definition of “competent person.”
  • General principles and uses of PPE.
  • Employer and PPE inspector responsibilities.
  • Understanding a technical notice.
  • Principal actions of the examiner: maintenance, returns under warranty, removal of products from service, etc.
  • Principal corrective actions: information to provide for the users and/or their management system.
  • Necessary tools and work environment to efficiently perform PPE examination.
  • Presentation of Petzl Technical Institute PPE examination protocol.
  • Pre-use checks, special inspections, thorough examinations, signs and symptoms, significance of any defects, criteria for removal from service.
  • Identify defects and damage which would result in the item being removed from service.
  • Inspection reporting.
  • Cancellations made at least 15 calendar days prior to first day of the Course will be refunded the full amount. If you cancel at least 7 calendar days but less than 15 calendar days prior to the first day of the Course, the deposit will not be refunded but will be kept as credit for future registrations. If you cancel less than 7 days from the first day of the Course, no refunds are issued, nor will you have a credit for a future course. If you drop out or cancel after the Course has commenced, no refunds will be made. If you cannot assess due to your logbook being incomplete, there will be no refund. If you cannot comply with the physical demand of the course and drop out, there will be no refund.
     If Pacific Ropes cancels the course for any reason that is no fault of the participant, the payment will be returned in full or credited towards a future course.

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