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Equipment Tracking Services

Engrave carabiners-PacRopes Gear

Tired of inscribing numbers onto carabiners by hand? Frustrated with not knowing which rope is which when stuffed together in storage? Let us help you out with our equipment tracking services. At PacRopes gear, we offer rope tagging and PPE engraving so that you can keep better track of your gear, whether you need to for auditing purposes, or for general tracking.

Rope Tagging

Our rope tagging services involves printing and attaching labels to each end of your ropes. All labels are secured with appropriate materials to withstand outdoor conditions. We can either provide you templates to work with or you can give us whatever information you want for your ropes. 

PPE Engraving-Carabiners, Descenders, Pulleys, and more!

We've spent years hand engraving carabiners so we understand the frustration when it comes down to an inspection and all the numbers have either rubbed off, or are illegible (doesn't matter how steady your hands are...8's can be come 6's). With our new engraving process, we can help save you time engraving numbers to your PPE and ensure the numbers are long lasting and survive all the wear and tear you put it through.

PacRopes Gear-engraving PPE


Please contact us to learn more about how you can take advantage of these additional services!