Petzl ASAP 40 KIT

Petzl ASAP 40 KIT



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Assembled ASAP + ASAP'SORBER 40cm + 2x BM'D + 2x CAPTIV, ANSI

• The ASAP’SORBER energy absorbers may only be used with an ASAP or ASAP LOCK mobile fall
arrester. They allow the user to work at a distance from the rope, in order to protect it during certain
work phases. Equipped with tear-webbing inside a pouch that opens on each end, the absorbers are protected from abrasion, while allowing for regular inspection.

• ASAP’SORBER 40 allows the worker to be positioned at a greater distance from the lifeline, designed for users up to 285 lbs.
• ASAP’SORBER AXESS is rated for a one or two-person load (up to 550 lbs.). That weight may be encountered during a partner rescue operation.

• The Bm’D is a lightweight asymmetrical carabiner made of aluminum. It is a D-shape connector with
a TRIACT-LOCK automatic locking system. The sleeve is reinforced for greater front and lateral gate
• The CAPTIV positioning bar promotes loading of the carabiner on the major axis and limits the risk of
rotation and keeps it well integrated with an ASAP’SORBER.
LIFELINES | Sold Separately
• The RAY 11 is a static 11 mm kernmantle rope designed for use with the ASAP and ASAP LOCK and
meets ANSI lifeline requirements with or without sewn terminations. It is available in white in 25, 50,
75, 100 and 200 ft lengths with one sewn termination at one end. It is also available in 150, 200, 600
and 1,200 ft lengths with no terminations in white, yellow, blue and black.

Short Description Pre-assembled ASAP and ASAP LOCK Personal Fall Arrest System
Selling Points

ASAP • Constant fall protection:

- Arrests falls, slides, and uncontrolled descents
- Works on vertical or angled rope
- Locks on the rope even if grabbed during the fall
• Simple to use, and effective:
- Moves up or down the rope, without any manual operation
- Easy to install and remove at any point on the rope

(in addition to above)

• Integrated locking function allows the user to immobilize the device in
order to reduce the potential fall distance. In the event of a strong wind,
this function also prevents the rope from being blown upward
• Simple to use, and effective:
- Connection arm makes the system drop-resistant when passing
intermediate anchors

ASAP’SORBERS • Energy absorber to work at a distance from the lifeline:

- The ASAP’SORBER AXESS can be used for loads of up to 550
lbs in two-person rescue situations

RAY 11 • Static rope for greater efficiency in work at height

- Standard diameter provides a good grip for easier handling
- 100% polyester construction with a braided core
- EverFlex technology provides great flexibility over time and under
a variety of conditions (water, dust, mud)
• Available in four colors: white, black, yellow and blue
• Standard lengths: 25, 50, 75, 100 & 200 ft lengths in white with one
sewn termination, 150, 200, 600 and 1200 feet in white, yellow, blue
and black with no terminations. Customization is available.


Pre-assembled ASAP and ASAP LOCK kits that meet OSHA fall protection
regulations and the ANSI Z359.15 standard when used with lifeline and
components listed above.

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