Climbing Technology Up You Go Rescue Kit


Climbing Technology

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Auto-blocking rescue winch with 4x reduction factor, or 5x when used upside down, ideal for use in rescue maneuvers. Developed to allow the lifting and the lowering of an injured operator or to tension a system.

Main characteristics:

  • extremely compact system functioning even when the distance from the anchor is very short;
  • once the load has been raised, it stops it from slipping back down, making the action quick and easy to perform;
  • the system consists of the pulleys UP ROLL and UP LOCK, with sheaves mounted on ball bearings;
  • equipped with a sleeve made of flexible net which prevents the rope from twisting;
  • possibility to lock or unlock the cam thanks to the freelock system, which can be activated by using one hand, even when wearing gloves;
  • equipped with two oval PILLAR TG connectors with Triplex Gate;
  • equipped with a 8mm EN 564 cord for 1m length or with a 9 mm EN 1891-A rope for longer lengths;
  • in can be used in combination with the SPARROW RESCUE KIT and SPARROW RESCUE KIT ROD.

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