Eyolf Go Haul Rescue Kit

Eyolf Go Haul Rescue Kit



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Length: 30m custom length is possible, contact us.

Included are: 30m rope with sewn end termination and 3m long rope with end termination for the haul system.

Completely put together and stuffed in a 1000 denier Cordura bag with connectors, pulleys, Sparrow descender, sling and manuals.

Custom: we can add your number or logo to the bag for easy identification of the kit and to show who the owner is. Included in the price.

The Go haul rescue kit is based on the CT Sparrow descender, which is easy to use and has a friction based panic mode that will slow down or stop the descend. This makes it a perfect descender for occasional users.

Added to the this kit is a mechanical adventage pulley system that allows the user to haul up the rescui, take off their lanyard and lower them to safety.

The Go basic haul rescue kit is used by those who work at height such as in water towers, bucket trucks, siccor lifts and in the construction industry.

Must have for anyone working at height.

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