Eyolf Skater Work Seat

Eyolf Skater Work Seat



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Rope Access Work Seat

Skater work seat

Materials: Baltic plywood & Polyester webbing

Working Load: 160 kg – 350 lb

Every part is replaceable.

 The Skater work seat got its name from the fact that everyone who sees the wooden seat immediately gets reminded of a skateboard.

Being that in Canada woodworking is everywhere so the choice originally to go for a wooden seat wasn’t impossible from a production point of view. However the origin comes from the fact that in the past rope access techs would make their own plank by taking some plywood, drilling a few holes adding some webbing, tape, and padding to the plank.

The nice thing about this method was that if the webbing was done you would replace it, that was the main reason why we developed a board in which every component can be replaced. Therefore, making this product as environmentally friendly as possible!

Hopefully you buy it once and experience a lifetime of comfort from it.

For replacement part please contact us and we will sort you out!

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