Hydrajaws M2000 KIT1 Frame Only Safety Lifeline Kit

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New for 2020, Hydrajaws have completely re–designed the portable cable system tester which is now lighter, more compact and very user friendly.

The tester clamps directly to the 8mm wire rope and will test all the swaged components during installation and for annual inspections in accordance with existing safety standards.

The new tester comes with all the accessories to enable the operator to test existing installations including those with long terminating assemblies without any additional parts having to be used.

  • Line tester – standard 8mm
  • Extension Rod (x3)
  • Barrel clamp 8mm
  • 1⁄4” ratchet socket wrench with 6mm hex bit 1⁄4” drive
  • Extension plate insert 12mm
  • Fork adaptor (slotted collar) 12mm
  • Knurled adaptor 8mm (housed under tester body)
  • Button adaptor retainer (x1) with M3 x 12 countersunk screw (x3)
  • Allen key 2mm short arm
  • Allen Key 6mm long arm
  • 22mm Operating nut
  • 22mm open ended ratchet spanner
  • 5mm ball driver
  • M10 x 20 Eye bolt
  • 2 x M8 x 25 hex socket cap screws
  • Red C120 Carry Case with foam inlay and generic lid inlay including document holder
  • Promotional Marketing Go Digital
  • Safety Lifeline Instruction Manual
  • 2 x M6 x 16 hex socket cap screws

The ‘Kit 1’ features a Cable frame only therefore is for operators whom already have a Hydrajaws M2000 tester. The ‘Kit 1’ is supplied with: Cable test frame with extension bars, single cable clamp, 22mm A/F operating nut, Knurled adaptor 8mm, 22mm Op Nut, 22mm A/F ratchet spanner, 6mm allen key and spare cable clamp bolts and screws. Carrying case includes pockets for M2000 tester and additional accessories.