Hydrajaws M2000 SCAFFOLD TIE Tester Kit with 0-25kN/5620lbf

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Our specialist kit for ensuring peace-of-mind when erecting and building scaffold systems. The M2000 is a light and portable tester which is an essential scaffolding tool for any scaffolder wanting to comply with current health and safety practices.

The Hydrajaws Scaffold Tie Tester kit will test all types of anchor most commonly used for anchoring scaffold ties up to a maximum tensile load of 25kN.
Adaptors include a standard Bolt Test Adaptor, M16 Threaded Stud Adaptor and M12 Ringbolt Adaptor Clevis which means a wide range of fixings can be tested. 
The M2000 Scaffold Tie Tester Kit is easy to use and light to transport. It comes complete with a comprehensive full color user manual and the backing and support from our technical team at Hydrajaws.
  • M2000 tester with quick release female coupler and turning handle
  • 25kN Dual Scale Digital Gauge with quick release male coupler
  • Oil Bottle with quick release male coupler
  • 2020 Load Spreading Bridge with telescopic legs secured with M4 x 30mm screws
  • M12 Locking Adaptor (located in tester jaw)
  • M12 Bolt Test Adaptor with 150mm thread
  • M12 20mm Ringbolt Adaptor Clevis with 135mm thread
  • 2000 Piston key
  • M16 Threaded Stud Adaptor Long
  • M16 x 35 HT Hex Set screw
  • M16 x 120 Stud bolt
  • 22mm open ended ratchet spanner
  • 10mm open ended wrench
  • 14mm open ended wrench
  • 17mm open ended wrench
  • 3mm ball driver
  • Allen Key 2.5mm
  • 2 x Spare bridge screws M4 x 30mm
  • M2000 Instruction Manual
  • Red C120 Carry Case with foam inlay and generic lid inlay including document holder
  • Promotional Marketing Go Digital
  • Digital Gauge Instruction
  • Allen key 2mm
  • Spare Battery 9v (located under gauge)
  • Calibration Certificate