Hydrajaws M35+ Pull Tester

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The world's first lightweight modular digital pull tester with Easi-Effort® Technology.

The Hydrajaws M35+ Easi-Effort® Dual Load Capacity Digital Pull Tester can test up to 35kN (7868 lbf) or 65kN (14613 lbf) on the same device, with an easily configurable optional bridge setup, without needing a separate tester.

This lightweight and ergonomic pull tester is enhanced by Easi-Effort® Technology, increasing testing frequency and reducing operator effort. It is an essential tool for carrying out pull testing procedures in line with BS 8539, BS 7883:2019, BS EN 795:2012, BS 8610, NASC Guidance Note TG4:19 and AEFAC-TN05.

The Hydrajaws M35+ arrives in a compact, tailor-made rugged rucksack, engineered for easy transportation to even the most remote and challenging job sites. Watch the video here.

It comes complete with a comprehensive full-colour user manual and backing and support from our technical team at Hydrajaws.

Compatible with the FREE-to-use Hydrajaws Verify PRO App - Digital Reporting System.


  • The M35+ boasts impressive ‘Easi-Effort®’ technology increasing testing frequency and reducing operator effort.
  • Lightweight and Durable – Crafted from top-grade materials including titanium, the Hydrajaws M35+ is the most lightweight pull tester on the market and is built to withstand the toughest environments.
  • Modular Dual Load Capacity – The powerful tester not only has a 3.5-ton capacity in standard guise, but it also has 6.5-ton capacity with further optional load spreading bridges.
  • Advanced-Data Logging with FREE-to-use App – Equipped with state-of-the-art data logging capabilities, the M35+ allows for real-time monitoring and tracking of pull testing results via the free-to-use Hydrajaws Verify App
  • Dual-scale rechargeable digital gauge gives an accurate and clear display of the readings.
  • Hydrajaws gauge calibration certificate (valid for 12 months).
  • It is supplied in a tailor-made rugged rucksack, engineered for easy transportation.
  • Full user manual supplied.