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A real Pacific Ropes must and part of our training back-up system!

The KONG Back-Up is a revolutionary fall arrester that allows a technician to move up and down rope while always being protected from a fall by its locking device. Shifting its unique lock button allows a technician to use it as a positioning or a locking device. Due to its specific design, the KONG Back-Up supports the strongest stress in a semi-dynamic way avoiding the shocking effects on rope caused by traditional self-locking devices with toothed cams. It is compatible with the NO-CUT LANYARD Ø 12 if used according to EN 567 and UIAA 104. 

Connector included:

#8020NO400KK: mod. Ovalone Carbon Twist Lock
#8021NO400KK: mod. Ovalone Carbon Twist Lock ANSI
#8022NO400KK: mod. Ovalone Carbon Auto Block ANSI

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