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This course provides you with an IRATA Rope Access certification for levels 1, 2, or 3 at our Edmonton location. If you are new, upgrading, or re-certifying, you must attend the full course. The re-assessment fee is if you are unsuccessful and need to re-do the test again. 

Class times are Monday to Friday, from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM with a one hour lunch break.
There are 4 in-class theory and practical training days and a 5th day assessment with a third party assessor.

All training equipment is provided. Students may bring their own CSA approved rope access helmets which will be subject to inspection.

The IRATA Level 1 course is designed for new students who have never done any rope access course before. You'll be introduced to the IRATA certification process, learn how to operate the rope access system, and what your role is in a rope access team.

The IRATA Level 2 course is designed for anyone who has completed their L1 and meets the IRATA L2 prerequisite requirements for training admittance. Or, if you need to recertify your almost expiring IRATA level 2 certification. The L2 course goes beyond the basics and focuses on advanced rigging techniques developed to achieve more complex access solutions.

The IRATA L3 course is available for all level 2 IRATA technicians with pre-requisites to advance or current level 3 technicians that need to renew with almost expiring level 3 certification. It is also the basis for Rope Access supervisory roles. This course will prepare applicants to lead their teams through complex and advanced rigging and rescue scenarios, while emphasizing the need for excellent leadership skills, paperwork, and job site management.

Please note that rope access training courses are physically demanding and as such require you to be in good health and medical condition prior to taking the course. For further detail, please refer to our Fitness Guidelines and Medical Statement forms.

Understanding of local OHS Regulations,  IRATA International Code of Practice (You may find these online, or contact our office for access to online copies).

Thorough awareness of the pre-requisites pertaining to your specific level of certification.

It is the sole responsibility of each applicant to read and understand all of the certification eligibility requirements. Documents are available from both SPRAT and IRATA websites (; or from our office.
No compensation or allowances will be considered for your incorrect status once you have arrived for the course.


- Must be 18 years of age
- Minimum of 0 months work experience as a Level 1 IRATA Rope Tech
- Government ID or passport details (failure to provide an ID number may cause a delay in processing your certification documents)


- Minimum of 12 months as a Level 1 IRATA Rope Tech
- 500 logged hours of experience of rope access work - Minimum of 1000 logged hours of rope access work
- Valid logbook signed off by a supervisor - Valid logbook signed off by an IRATA Level 3 Supervisor
- Valid L1 IRATA ID card


- Minimum of 12 months as a Level 2 IRATA Rope Tech
- Minimum 500 logged hours of rope access work - Minimum of 1000 logged hours of rope access work
- Valid logbook signed off by a supervisor - Valid logbook signed off by an IRATA Level 3 Supervisor
- Current First Aid and CPR/AED - Current First Aid Certification (OFA 1 or higher)
- Valid L2 SPRAT ID Card - Valid L2 IRATA ID card

ADDRESS: 13859 156 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6V 1J1
CONTACT NUMBER: 604-447-8055

Cancellation PolicyCancellations made at least 15 calendar days prior to first day of the Course will be refunded the full amount. If you cancel at least 7 calendar days but less than 15 calendar days prior to the first day of the Course, the deposit will not be refunded but will be kept as credit for future registrations. If you cancel less than 7 days from the first day of the Course, no refunds are issued, nor will you have a credit for a future course. If you drop out or cancel after the Course has commenced, no refunds will be made. If you cannot assess due to your logbook being incomplete, there will be no refund. If you cannot comply with the physical demand of the course and drop out, there will be no refund.
 If Pacific Ropes cancels the course for any reason that is no fault of the participant, the payment will be returned in full or credited towards a future course.

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