Singing Rock Static Rope R44 11.0 - Spool 200m


Singing Rock

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STATIC R44 11.0 / L0450*

Excellent quality static rope intended for rope access, work positioning, rescue or manipulation with the objects.

  • type A rope – low stretch rope designed for general use with patented rope-braiding technology ROUTE 44
  • sheath is made on 44 carrier machine thus the core/sheath ratio is ideal with reference to the strength of the rope and strength of the rope with knots
  • sheath is braided more densely which provides better protection of the core against dirt and dust
  • rope is running smoother through belay/rappel devices with lower risk of core prolapse through the sheath when is bent over small diameters
  • meets the requirements that the rescuers, firemen, specialists working at height and other professionals require when working every day
  • ultrasonic ending eliminates the sheath slippage
  • possible to be produced with one or two stitched eyes at the end of the rope
  • available in 4 color

(note: product code for rope on spool L0451*
Color white, red, black, orange
Weight 77 g/m
Strength 34.9 kN (knot breaking force 22.3 kN, eye breaking force 28.5 kN)
Length pack: 30 - 80, 100 m • spool: 100, 200 m
Diameter 11.0 mm
Number of falls 20
Static elongation 3.2 %

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