New Training T-shirt: We love rope access in Vancouver!

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Pacific Ropes T-shirt

Nowadays, you can't go to any social event in BC without chirping about the housing market in Vancouver at least once. It seems like buying a house (single family unit) in Vancouver for our generation is only reserved for rich people. With no idea how things will pan out in the future, we are left with one choice: Either stay in Vancouver and suck it up or move elsewhere.

But despite this gloomy cloud that's hanging over our heads, you gotta wonder why people are still drawn to this city. It's hard for me to say personally since I've lived here most of my life. This is home to me so I'm always going to be bias. One observation I've noticed though is that regardless of whether you've recently moved here or grew up here, we are all proud of Vancouver. I haven't heard anyone ever say they were sad or disappointed that they had to move to Vancouver. Usually, it's the other way around. And even though the rope access industry here is just a little baby, I feel we're all just itching for it to grow up soon so that we can truly work and live in an amazing city!

On that note, our new training center t-shirt pays homage to the fact that we love Vancouver and rope access. Rope access might be more prevalent in other parts of the world, but it's slowly making it's mark here in beautiful British Columbia (Vancouver!!). If you live here and train here with us, then this shirt is perfect for you! If you train with us but don't live here, then hopefully this shirt will be a good memento and mouthpiece for rope access in Vancouver!

Check out the shirt at our store!

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