What's in a Rope Access Kit?

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This video features the Pacific Ropes technician kit- we train with this kit here at Pacific Ropes and many of our L1’s, 2’s and 3’s use the exact pieces of this kit for our contracting work. Of course, each tech has a preference for their own personal kit pieces, but we have found that our graduates purchase this exact kit once preparing for their first work site. Each piece featured here is Pacific Ropes approved and is considered a complete kit in Rope Access, which is ready for nearly any job! Since filming this, we have added a Petzl Grillon lanyard and we always recommend having a great bag to protect and store all your kit – Petzl makes a long line of waterproof and comfortable packs!


Here is what is in the Pacific Ropes Rope Access Technician kit:


  1. Our harness of choice is the PETZL AVAO BOD CROLL HARNESS
  2. Our descender of choice is the PETZL ID
  3. Our ascender of choice is the PETZL ASCENSION
  4. Our back-up of choice is the PETZL ASAP LOCK in combination with a KONG
  5. 3 steel carabiners (Combo between Petzl and Yates Gear)
  6. 8 aluminum carabiners (Combo between Petzl and Yates Gear)
  7. Our helmet of choice is the PETZL VERTEX (black seems to be our techs latest color choice!)
  8. For our podium of choice we use the PETZL PODIUM
  9. Our pulley of choice is the PETZL FIXE
  10. Our lanyard choice is the PETZL JANE IN THE 100 and 60 or MaxGear (Canadian made!!)
  11. The work positioning device of choice is the PETZL GRILLON


The cost on this kit ranges depending on where you make this purchase, but when you train with Pacific Ropes we offer a 10% off discount for gear purchased through us. We also highly recommend purchasing and learning about your gear options from our friends at Carleton Rescue Equipment (WWW. CARLETONRESCUE.COM).

As with all of our gear reviews and recommendations, we always encourage you to visit a training facility to properly understand the correct use and function of any new gear piece you purchase to ensure your absolute safety on rope.


From all of us on the Pacific Ropes team,

Stay safe and we'll see you on the ropes!

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